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Providing Professional Transportation Services at Affordable Rates In Hamilton Township, NJ

Choosing professional transportation services for your needs is a smart decision, especially if you value convenience, safety, and reliability. To get all the benefits, you need to make sure that you are choosing a dependable local provider. If you are in Hamilton Township, NJ and want to work with one of the most trusted companies, call Lemar Transportation. Here is what we can do for you!

About Our Services

Private Transportation

Private Transportation

We offer excellent local and long-distance transportation services to customers in Hamilton Township, NJ and the surroundings. With our beautiful and modern fleet, we offer a high level of luxury and convenience that others rarely can match. We have an array of rental vehicles to choose from. We can accommodate the needs of individuals as well as groups.

Pickup & Drop-Off Services

Pickup & Drop-Off Services

Tell us where you are and one of our drivers will come to pick you up. This is a service we typically provide for professionals who are on business trips or people who want to reach their destinations on time and without having to worry about arrival times and missed flights. Call now to book an appointment!

Transportation for Appointments

Transportation for Appointments

This is a popular type of service that provides transportation for scheduled appointments, such as job interviews, doctor’s appointments, local salon appointments, and more. We have a fleet of beautiful rides with all the features to accommodate your needs. If you are unable to drive yourself or have mobility challenges, we can help!

Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation

This is a popular type of long-distance transportation service and we provide it for groups, families, business professionals, and individuals. Our service includes luggage handling, meet-and-greet, and other similar solutions to ensure that you have a stress-free travel experience.

Why Choose Our Company?

Our reliable transportation service is designed to provide customers with a high level of convenience and comfort. Unlock public transportation, which can be crowded and unpredictable, we offer services tailored to the client’s specific needs. Our company will arrange a customized itinerary that meets your schedule and gets you to a destination of your choice quickly and efficiently. And all that has been made available at a very fair price. Call now to discuss your options!

Our Proven Process

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, we can ensure you get the quality transportation service you deserve and expect. Fill out the form on this website to tell us about all your requirements, and we will design the perfect solution for you. If time is of the essence, do not waste it, and call us right away. We respond swiftly to service calls and can accommodate your needs right away if we have a driver available. We offer easy scheduling, affordable service options, and comfortable vehicles.

The Areas We ServeĀ 

For years now, Lemar Transportation has been a preferred choice for many people in this region. We are currently providing our transportation services to more than one location. Here are some of the top areas we serve:

– Hamilton Township, NJ
– Morrisville Borough, PA
– Robbinsville Township, NJ
– Robbinsville, NJ

Lemar Transportation is a dependable company providing excellent ground transportation solutions at fair rates. We work by appointment but we can accommodate last-minute calls if we have available rides and drivers. Want to learn more about us or what else we can do? Contact us now!

Client Testimonials

by Ellen Stokley on Lemar Transportation

I would highly recommend their long-distance transportation services to anyone in need of reliable and high-quality transportation. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly set them apart from other companies in the industry. Thank you for making my trip a memorable and enjoyable experience!

Lemar Transportation
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Phone: (609) 684-8883

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